Clusters and partners

Clusters and partners

Ecological Silesian Cluster


Ecological Silesian Cluster is a platform for co-operation of interconnected companies, universities, research institutes and business institutions operating in the environmental sector in Silesia.

Clustering in the field of environmental technologies is an economic priority based on knowledge. However Silesian Cluster of Organic is one of several cluster initiatives in the region, he is acting as the first comprehensive initiative in the field of ecology. More information about the cluster can be found on


Silesian Cluster of Waste Management


Silesian Cluster of Waste Management was created to undertake initiatives to connect companies and institutions working in the field of environmental protection and integrated waste management. The idea of the cluster is functioning in the area of innovative environmental technologies, based on a chain of cooperation companies, universities, business institutions, research units. His priorities include strengthening the capacity and competitiveness of the Silesian region.

Ecology Experts Association


It is a non-governmental organization which was established in response to the economic needs in terms of active promotion of ecological knowledge in enterprises and government organizations, and comprehensive dissemination of information, methods and techniques for the protection and improvement of environment quality.



The European Forum for Environmental Responsibility is an association whose aim is to promote in Poland principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), in particular:

  • a substantial contribution to promote the concept of corporate social responsibility;
  • measures to improve the quality of the environment;
  • active participation in projects of social responsibility;
  • comprehensive dissemination of information, methods and techniques for the protection and improvement of the environment in relation to corporate environmental strategies;
  • help organizations build positive public relations based on ecological criteria and principles of ethics and business communication;
  • construction of ecological competence;
  • support strategies based on ecological criteria;
  • promote the principles of effective use of the intellectual capital of the organization, including social capital;
  • to promote and support the principles of sustainable development;
  • encouraging environmental awareness and managerial enterprises;
  • protection of endangered species of fauna and flora through active participation in environmental projects;
  • educational activities;
  • promote the concept 3xE: Ethics, Economics and Environment;
  • the promotion of eco-innovation, product, process and organization;
  • other activities related to the concept of corporate social responsibility and its ties to the environmental aspects.