Environmental expertise

Environmental expertise

Environmental impact assessment

INVESTEKO SA offers a comprehensive service to carry out on behalf of the investor the entire administrative procedure until a decision on environmental conditions for investment is taken. That includes:

  • Environmental impact reports
  • Project information sheets
  • Decisions on environmental conditions of the investment
Obligation to carry out the procedure of environmental impact assessment for certain investments based on the Act of 3rd of October 2008 on the release of information about the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and environmental impact assessments (Journal of Law No. 199, item 1227) and the Act of 27 April 2001 environmental protection law (Journal of Law 2013 item 1232 as amended).

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Integrated permits

INVESTEKO S.A. offers a comprehensive elaboration of the documentation necessary to obtain integrated permitting for installations which may cause significant damage to individual components or to environment as a whole. Our offer includes representing investors before public administration bodies during the administrative procedure. The legal basis for integrated permitting is the Regulation of the Ministry of Environment issued on the 26th of July 2002 on the types of installations which may cause significant damage to individual components or to environment as a whole (Journal of Law No. 122, item 1055).

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Waste management

INVESTEKO SA offers a full range of documentation necessary for the settlement of legal and formal establishment of waste management.

We provide documentation in accordance with the requirements of the new Act of 14 December 2012 on waste:
  • The application for a permit to collect waste and allow for the processing of waste, which is issued by the competent authorities for a given collection place or waste treatment;

Application for a waste production permit in case of waste production: - more than 1 Mg per year - in case of hazardous waste - more than 5,000 Mg per year - in case of non-hazardous waste.

Water supply and sewage effluent disposal proceedings

We prepare proposals with the necessary attachments including a sample of water law act, necessary to obtain a final decision on the water use permit by the ordering party.

According to the Water Law Act (Article 122), a water permit is required to:
  1. special use of water, (...), in particular: collection and disposal of surface water or groundwater; • sewage being discharged into water or soil;
  2. water devices, (e.g. exhaust);

directing the flowing wastewater into sewers, which are owned by other entities, industrial wastewater containing hazardous substances which might be harmful for the aquatic environment (...)

Air emmissions

For establishments in which there appears to be air pollutant emissions we prepare the documentation below: Study of Air Protection attached to the application for issuance of license or application installation that does not require a permit. According to the Environmental Protection Law (Article 220): The release into the atmosphere of gases and dust produced by the plant requires a license, unless otherwise stated in the regulations:

  • Installations, the operation of which requires notification - Regulation of 2nd July 2010 on the types of installation, the operation of which requires notification [Acts. U. 2010 No. 130, item 880]
  • Gas and dust released into the air from the installations which do not require a permit - Regulation of 2nd July 2010 on the cases in which gas and dust released into the air from the system does not require a permit [Acts. U. 2010 No. 130, item 881].


To clients, to those whom the environment is more than just an obligation but also for all who seek professional and ambiguous opinions we offer a wide range of expertise, obligation which does not arise directly from the law. Examples of expertise:  

  • Formal and legal analyses identifying all the obligations indicated by the environmental protection law, our experts will help you identify the responsibilities but also to choose the best solution from entrepreneur’s point of view.
  • Acoustic expertise - used in case of exceeding noise emission standards, hence this provides the basis for claims or to identify possible remedies
  • Nature research - in the case of projects which may have significant effects on the environment, it is recommended that before selecting a location to perform basic research about fauna and flora.
  • Ecological reports for the certification of buildings - Conducting environmental studies aims to determine the ecological value and develop an action plan for the conservation of local biodiversity, taking into account national and local plan for the conservation of biodiversity.

Ecological reviews

We offer eco-review, in accordance with the requirements of Art. 237 of the Act of 27th April 2001 - Environmental Protection Law (Journal of Law of 2006 No. 129, item. 902, as amended. D.). Ecological surveys are generally conducted following the decision of the environmental protection body, in case the findings indicate a possible negative impact of the installation or the establishment on the environment. Ecological review has to confirm or deny any doubts that arise in the operation of the facility in relation to the impact on the quality of the environment, on the health and lives of people.