Our history

Our history


Mr Arkadiusz Primus founded the company under the name of Arkadiusz Primus Invest-Eko.


The first documentation elaboration and expertise in the field of environmental protection.


Elaboration of a series of expertise documentation in the field of environmental protection, in 2003 was conducted the first research study.


Design and construction of a domestic sewage treatment plant. The first complete environment-friendly investment in the scope of water and wastewater management regulation.


Continuation of strengthening the expert position in the environmental protection market: elaboration of a range of expert documentation e.g. for the chemical industry, automotive industry, waste management industry, livestock industry and others.


An environmental research and measurement laboratory PPM Sp. o.o. together with its personnel was entrusted to the management of the company Invest-Eko. Acquisition of EU funds for the purchase of specialized measuring equipment such as: noise, dust and gas emission measurements.

Cooperation with the International Airport Katowice, Pyrzowice in the field of environmental protection. The first environmental impact assessment for the Airport and the concept, construction design and execution of sanitary sewage treatment plant for the International Airport Katowice, Pyrzowice.


The company carries out a project for the establishment of Restricted Use Area for Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice.

Another significant project in 2007 was the design and construction of a medical hazardous waste incineration plant for the Oncology Centre in Gliwice.


Concept and civil engineering design documentation for building apron area of about 140 000 m2 for the aircrafts in Katowice International Airport"

Started the research work and conceptual-design for the liquidation of Poland's largest factory for the production of asbestos panels and illegal asbestos landfill in the town of Ogrodzieniec, Poland.

PPM laboratory receives ISO 17025 accreditation certificate issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.


Concept and civil engineering design for elimination of environmental risks of the former cellulose plant in Kalety.

Implementation of the technological modernization concept of the largest hazardous industrial waste incineration plant SARPI in Dąbrowa Górnicza with all the necessary arrangements concerning the environmental law.

Elaboration of comprehensive environmental documentation for the construction of high pressure gas pipeline in the area of Bieszczady with a length of 70 km ordered by PGNiG.


Start of the design work for the development of the aviation infrastructure and port in Katowice Airport for the construction of a new runway and the necessary infrastructure. The largest infrastructure project of the Polish airports.

Establishing cooperation with the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw in the scope of research on the innovative technology of energetic management of waste, called W2E.


The transformation of the company into a joint stock company and the entry into the National Court Register. Issued B and C series shares.


Signing an agreement with Malopolska Provincial Office for the design and reclamation implementation of the hazardous and harmful “Górka” reservoir in Trzebinia, project was financed by EU funds.

Signing an agreement with the European Commission and the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection for financing the design, construction and promotion of the innovative proprietary installation LIFECOGENERATION.PL in the framework of LIFE+ Programme.

Signing an agreement with the European Commission for the development of a novel Eco-labeling EU-Harmonized methodology for cost-effective, safer and greener road products and Infrastructures. Project was financed under the 7th Framework Programme, whereas the project consortium was composed of 13 partners from EU and 1 from Turkey.

Issue of D series shares for the purchase of two investment parcels located in Świętochłowice for the construction of INVESTEKO R&D Centre and Lifecogeneration.pl installation.

INVESTEKO S.A. obtained accreditation as a research lab issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in the field environmental engineering - noise levels measurement (transfer of accreditation held by research and measurement lab PPM Sp. o.o.).


Issued 600,000 shares of series E to raise additional capital, which served as an own contribution of supplementary funding obtained for the project LIFE Cogeneration PL.

Completion of the project "Passport to Export" co-financed in the framework of Operational Program Innovative Economy under Measure 6.1. The project funded trips to environmental related trade fairs and searching for partners in countries such as China, USA, Canada, Germany, and France. The budget amounted 353,500 PLN while the funding rate from the EU was 50%, i.e. 176,750 PLN.

INVESTEKO S.A. obtained a building permit and on 9th of September 2014 entered into agreement with the General Contractor for the construction of the prototype demonstration plant. The plant demonstrates the production of electricity and heat in cogeneration based on the gasification of the over-sieve fraction of municipal waste and sewage sludge. The project includes the construction of the associated structure as part of LIFE12 ENV/PL/000013, co-financed by the European Union under the financial instrument LIFE+ and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Net total contract value amounts 13.2 million PLN.

Obtained the status of a public company and introduced company shares into the alternative trading system on the NewConnect stock market.