Modern technology - converting waste into energy

LIFE COGENERATION.PL is an innovative technology which enables the energy management of the over-sieve fraction of municipal waste and sewage sludge. The technology is based on the gasification process. Gasification is the technological process consisting in the conversion of the solid fuel into gas by thermal decomposition in a controlled amount of oxygen or air. The energy output of the installation is electricity production and high-efficiency cogeneration heat.

The proposed system consists of five main technology units:

  • Fuel preparation unit,
  • Gasification unit,
  • Syngas purifying unit
  • Syngas combustion in a high efficiency CHP system
  • Flue gas cleaning unit


In July 2013 INVETEKO S.A. commenced the project LIFE COGENERATION.PL, the main objective of the project was to demonstrate the functioning of this innovative technology and the implementation of a prototype pilot plant. For more information visit



LIFE COGENERATION.PL is co-financed with the contribution of LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Commission and the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.