Noise measurements

Noise measurements

City hall of Świętochłowice


Acoustic Map of Świętochłowice

Scope of work:
  • Measurements of the acoustic load in the territory of Świętochłowice
  • The elaboration of noise maps for the area of Świętochłowice in accordance with the requirements specified in the Act of 27/04/ 2001, environmental protection law and EU Directive 2002/49/EC of 25th of June 2002 on the evaluation and controlling of noise in the environment;
    Implementation of an information system with a digital map based on GIS platform
  • Assessment of acoustic environment throughout the Świętochłowice city area



Voivodeship of Małopolskie in Krakow


The update of the environmental protection programme against noiseforMałopolska voivodship

Scope of work:
  • Analysis of a total of about 384 km sections of roads and railways, for which there is an obligation to produce noise maps:
    • sections of roads managed by the Provincial Road Management in Cracow: about 220 km,
    • sections of roads managed by the Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska S.A.: about 36 km,
    • sections of railway lines managed by PKP Polish Railway Lines: about 128 km.
  • Preparation of a report on the implementation of the current environmental protection programme against noise for Małopolska voivodeship;
  • Determination of corrective actions for each section of road, along which the result exceed the permissible noise levels
  • Arrangement of consultation meetings for representatives of road management, municipalities, townships, experts and other interested parties.

Mazowiecki Provincial Road Management

Scope of:
  • Elaboration of an acoustic map for provincial roads of Mazowieckie region.