Constant formal and legal support

Constant formal and legal support consists of the acquisition of all the obligations of environmental protection and with them the entire liability resting on the entrepreneur. The scope of this part of our offer is tailored to the individual needs of the client, usually covers the full range of duties:

  1. customer representation in administrative proceedings in environmental protection and during the inspection of the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection
  2. correspondence with environmental authorities
  3. waste management
  4. charges for environment use
  5. Eco-Log system
  6. annual audit concerning environmental protection
  7. monitoring the status of the formal and legal establishment for the protection of the environment and information on new legislation concerning the business, along with commentary
  8. legal and technical advice for the protection of the environment, including telephone consultations
  9. implementation of the obligations under any other specific legal requirements for environmental protection

Fees for environmental use

We provide fee charges for the use of the environment, including conducting an annual record of contaminants released into the air and preparation of reports required by law, reporting to Marshal's Office.

The obligation to charge for use of the environment is based on the Law act of 27th April 2001 on environmental protection (Journal of Law 2013, item 15, as amended).


Report to National Centre for Emission Balancing and Management (KOBiZE) System.

Since 2013, each environment user, even the so called "small entity" is required to register in the National Centre for Emission Balancing and Management. The Act imposes an obligation on entities using the environment, preparation and implementation of the National Database, a report on greenhouse gas emissions and other substances released into the air for the previous year by the end of February. For that purpose it has been built an internet website www.kobize.pl where you can register your entity and also report to the national database.

Waste management

Waste management consultation offer includes:

  1. consultations concerning quantitative and qualitative assessment, monthly records of hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste generation,
  2. compiling an overall summary of the data on the types and quantities of waste and ways of managing them for Marshal's Office,
  3. conduct semi-annual records containing the information and data on the use of the environment,
  4. monitoring contracts for waste collection in terms of environmental regulations and economic optimization.


Environmental protection audit aims to identify all the obligations of the entity (legal aspects) under the current environmental regulations in Poland

  • site visiting and gathering of the necessary documents and information
  • documentation analysis, information provided by the Client
  • determine company compliance status with the environmental protection regulations

preparation of documentation titled "Analysis of environmental aspects"


Our training program includes topics of environmental protection. We organize trainings on request. The subject and scope of training is adjusted to specific requirements of the customers.

Our offer:

  • specialized training
  • general training
  • workshops
  • dedicated seminars for property managers

Lectures are carried out by experts and practitioners from different disciplines. We try to make the scope of training as practical as possible while addressing the needs of the customers.