Waste landfills and<br>reclamation works

Waste landfills and
reclamation works

Malopolska Provincial Office



Design and reclamation implementation of the hazardous and harmful “Górka” reservoir in Trzebinia.

Scope of work:
  • Elaboration the project design documentation and obtain the required administrative decisions;
  • Enclosure and treatment of the residual liquid at the bottom of the quarry;
  • Removal and utilisation of sediments and export of municipal waste;
  • Capacity enhancement and cleaning tunnels;
  • Installation of drains and drainage layer,
  • Shaping of the screening layer, laying of BENTOMATS, positioning and shaping of the biological active layer;
  • Implementation of the environmental monitoring system.

Consortium partners: INVESTEKO S.A. – PPUH VIG Sp. z o. o.



Huta Mała Panew Sp z o. o.



Elaboration of the project design documentation for the reconstruction of a landfill for non-hazardous and inert waste.

Scope of work:
  • The reconstruction project of landfill embankments and slopes including the remediation of the site;
  • Construction design of a ditch;
  • Construction design for a dirt road leading to the landfill;
  • Investment cost estimate and bill of quantities;
  • Aquatic legal survey for the reconstruction of water facilities.

District office in the town of Zawiercie


Finding a comprehensive solution to the problem of land contamination by asbestos waste. Land is owned by the State Treasury in the municipality of Ogrodzieniec.

Scope of work:
  • Ecological survey;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Project architect’s supervision;
  • Demolition project;
  • Land reclamation project.





Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej Sp. z o. o. in Katowice

Scope of work:
  • Integrated permit;
  • Waste landfill management instructions.